I’m Back! Miss me?

I’m so sorry I’ve been so lax on posting this past month! I certainly didn’t mean to slack, but I’ve had a lot going on!

The Distractions

First, my husband has been on his summer vacation for these past six weeks. Since medical school normally monopolizes all of his time, I had to make the most of this break! We had a blast hiking and relaxing by the pool over the summer. It was glorious! But, all good things must eventually end. He’s back in school, and I’m back to work.

Second, I really needed to get a computer as my writing business has exploded. I found that typing on my iPad just wasn’t cutting it. But, since we aren’t exactly rollin’ in the dough, I needed to write to earn enough money to be able to afford a computer to invest in my new career. I’ve written for several websites and even ghost wrote an eBook. I also took on odd jobs around the island pet sitting. Between that and being a crazy keyboard cowgirl, I was able to afford my first Mac. We’ve named her Mindy, the girlfriend to my hubby’s computer, Mork. It’s pure orchard love!

Third, I’ve been trying to build back up to train for my upcoming race calendar. I plan to race a marathon by March 2014 and a full Ironman by August 2014. I have allowed myself to get horribly out of shape (not many calories are burned sunbathing), so I’ve been paying the piper in the gym. I’m seeing results … slowly.

My pool-side office!

My pool-side office!

The Awesome Sites Who Gave Me a Shot

I just began writing for hire in May, and I’m so excited by the wonderful support of the writing community. My journalism degree was a bit dusty after working in sales all these years, but some awesome entrepreneurs took a chance on me and allowed me to represent their sites. Their faith helped show me that maybe I can make a living at this writing thing. I’ve got a few more websites cooking, but for now, here are some of the awesome people who gave me a shot.


A huge site with over 90,000 followers providing plenty of great hacks to improve your life.

Frugality Check:

This is an amazing start-up finance site on how to improve your budget while promoting a better marriage. What’s not to love!

Florida for Boomers:

This is a fun place to keep up with all the happenings of Florida, where I lived for seven years. They make me homesick!

The New Sites I’ve Created

While I plan to keep this blog as a catch all for the goings on in faith, finance, family, and fitness, I wanted more targeted sites to reach certain demographics. I have created two new webpages that I hope I can springboard from in the future with some new ventures I have cooking. I’d be honored if you checked them out! Feel free to follow along if they seem to interest you!

Broken Rearview Mirror

I created this site to reach out to those people who struggle with pain from their past impacting their future. I recently went through a period of deep depression for several years. I’m finally safely on the other side of this and able to reach out to help others feel mentally free again. I had some great counseling and help during this time, and this site is my way to pay it forward.


I’ve been trying to break into the fitness industry, since I have a passion for triathlons and am training for my first full Ironman next year. I enjoyed ghost writing a fitness eBook, and have written a few fitness articles for others. It’s time to write about my own venture. This site will chronicle my 12-month journey to one of my biggest life goals, becoming an Ironman. I will also incorporate practical tips to help others find their fitness sweet spot and motive the most dedicated couch potato to reach their dreams. Join in if you dare!

I’m so excited to finally be following my writing career while wrapping it up in my desire to help others reach their highest potential mentally and physically. Thanks for your patience with me as I’m striving to get there!

Life is good, my friends! Life is good!

What about you? Are you finding fun new ways to pursue your goals? Are you celebrating some successes? If so, I’d love to hear about it! Tell me your summer fun adventures in the comments below!


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